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I thought the movie was really good. Not perfect, and certainly no The Exorcist (but what is?). As has been pointed out already, the scenes involving Emily Rose worked the best. They had good atmosphere and I liked the fact that they relied more on Jennifer Carpenter's acting and body contortions than special effects (though, they did pop up here and there). The courtroom scenes worked on their own right, I suppose, and I wasn't bored by them like some people but they were definitely the least interesting aspect of the film. Also pointed out already is the fact that the film doesn't take a neutral stance as it's quite clear that co- writer / director Scott Derrickson and co-writer Paul Harris Boardman feel that Emily was truly possessed. All in all, the two parts of the movie don't quite gel (like the underrated The Island) and this is its main downfall. But, I still appreciate what they tried to do and the acting is good to great across the board (gotta love Campbell Scott). I still find it funny that the writers / director of Hellraiser: Inferno were able to make a film that grossed $30 million over opening weekend (double what experts had predicted). Oh well, I liked Hellraiser: Inferno anyway.
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