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I finally got around to seeing this one this afternoon, and I enjoyed it a great deal. It didn't bore me. Not even once. The trial scenes were involving and always maintained my full attention. The exceptionally strong acting really helped to keep me involved. The performances were a lot better than I expected them to be. Linney, Wilkinson, Scott, and Carpenter are all very believable. They really keep the film afloat. With a weaker cast, this film really would've sunk.

The scenes with Emily were intensely eerie. The subdued effects worked perfectly, and the hell that Emily's body and mind go through is very unnerving to watch. The scene where she becomes as stiff as a board was especially disturbing. When the exorcism attempt came, I was pleasantly surprised with a very powerful sequence. I had heard criticism of the exorcism sequence, but it was very effective from where I was sitting.

The film has both a beautiful look and a beautiful score. The score complimented things nicely, while the snow covered landscapes and overall atmosphere make for a film that is very pleasing to the eye. I also enjoyed some of the editing techniques such as the one used to show Father Moore running down the stairs in his flashback.

Overall, this was a very impressive film. Where it could've been somewhat laughable, it was touching instead. Where it could've come off as boring, it was instead thought provoking. The disturbing, frightening elements are ever present as well. Consider me a fan.
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