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I do not think any further release is planned

A Ghosts of Mars director's cut? god I hope not.

If the film didn't bum me out when I saw it in the theater then this dvd totally blew me away.

Especially that commentary...Carpenter's commentaries used to be full of interesting anecdotes and technical details, but it seems like the last few haven't been as focused and have often suffered because of this. He spends most of last year's Big Trouble in Little China talking to Russel about their son's little league and the impending (at that time) writer's strikes. I doubt they spent twenty minutes of screen time discussing the actual film they're supposed to be watching.

And now the GOM dvd, featuring what I would consider to be the worst JC commentary I've ever heard.

I never thought I would hear this phrase uttered in a JC commentary track:

"So tell me about your modeling career."

Carpenter seems tired on the track and most of the time just allows Henstridge to drone on about her "acting methods," uh yeah. I had to turn the garbage off about forty minutes in.
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