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I bought the VCI CITY OF THE DEAD from deep discount for $6.00.Just watched it tonight ,overall the transfer is quite nice,a little scratchiness during the opening credits and just a wee bit of shimmer in one scene ,but overall quite pleasing(it was remastered from the vault negative in the British film archives).The interview with Christopher Lee is worth the price alone,it's about 45 minutes long and he discusses a wide range of topics,fascinating viewing for Lee fans.There's also interviews with the director and leading lady.The disc is a steal.
Somebody mentioned the Roan release of DEMENTIA 13,I bought that used on e-bay for about $10.00 and it is,to date,the best version of the film I've seen.The sound of the film has always been a bit dodgey,but overall it is solid enough on this disc and the picture is reasonably clean.It is also the only letterboxed version of the film I've seen available.It's just barely wide,roughly 1:66 .The disc boasts the trailer.a print recreation of the fun "D-13" test (to see if you are mentally sound enough to see the picture,fun !) and a very good audio com track by the leading man.If you can track this down at a halfway reasonable price,it's worth getting.
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