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Of course a month ago I had to gloat and say I had no problems w/ this company, should have saw this bullshit coming. I knew I was cutting it close by ordering Christmas presents on the 12/15 but Amazon was always fast. 7 items were in "soon to ship" for days.

Finally I called them on the 21st and asked them what is going on. They told me that 2 of the items were out of stock. They had no intentions of telling me. So I said fine cancel those 2 and ship the rest. They said they would overnight it at no additional charge and they would be here by the 23rd. I was a happy camper.

Here it is Friday the 23rd and now it says they won't get here until January 3rd!!! I told them to cancel the order and now they say it can't be canceled because it is in the shipping process. Bullshit!!!!!

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