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I have spent well over $30,000 on DVDs through Amazon, they've been my #1 place to purchase for many years. The only "beef" I have with them (and this is a recent development) is their policy that gives you only 5 Lifetime Refunds if you get screwed on a deal from a third party. They say it's a "guaranteed" purchase. I ALWAYS check out feedback before I buy from someone but over the past year I've had 3 instances where they had great ratings when I bought but when I check it and 60 other folks have left 1:5 ratings for non-shipped products. If it is so obvious that they have an evil Seller on hand, why should I be penalized later? I mean, I'm grateful when I get my refund (it's better than EBay) but knowing that I just got ripped off again and that I only have one more chance to get my money back FOR LIFE kind of bothers me.
I guess I'll have to use a new name on there????
I'm a 5-star Seller as well. Too bad that doesn't get you an extra chance!
But as far as the service for the company itself: Fucking Stellar.
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