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Originally Posted by rp108
Of course a month ago I had to gloat and say I had no problems w/ this company, should have saw this bullshit coming. I knew I was cutting it close by ordering Christmas presents on the 12/15 but Amazon was always fast. 7 items were in "soon to ship" for days.

Finally I called them on the 21st and asked them what is going on. They told me that 2 of the items were out of stock. They had no intentions of telling me. So I said fine cancel those 2 and ship the rest. They said they would overnight it at no additional charge and they would be here by the 23rd. I was a happy camper.

Here it is Friday the 23rd and now it says they won't get here until January 3rd!!! I told them to cancel the order and now they say it can't be canceled because it is in the shipping process. Bullshit!!!!!

By your own admission, you said you hadn't ordered presents by 12/15. The 25th is on a Sunday, so really, that gives, like, 7 days to get your items to you. I'm not sure I'd hold any company responsible if my order didn't arrive within 7 days of the busiest shipping time of the year. Did you use expedited shipping? If so, then you have legitimate beef.

Also, no tracking number? All of my orders have always had tracking numbers.

At any rate, bummer for you. My Holiday order arrived in 5 days, no expedited shipping, and one of the items said ships in "2-5 weeks."
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