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Originally Posted by Workshed
By your own admission, you said you hadn't ordered presents by 12/15. The 25th is on a Sunday, so really, that gives, like, 7 days to get your items to you. I'm not sure I'd hold any company responsible if my order didn't arrive within 7 days of the busiest shipping time of the year. Did you use expedited shipping? If so, then you have legitimate beef.

Also, no tracking number? All of my orders have always had tracking numbers.

At any rate, bummer for you. My Holiday order arrived in 5 days, no expedited shipping, and one of the items said ships in "2-5 weeks."
I think you are missing the point. They told me they would overnight the items and then they did not and didnt even tell me. And they wont let me cancel the order when its their fault. And I am definatley going to hold them responsible, don't promise services to customers if you cant provide them. I have been ordering from for 4 years and if this doesn't get taken care of they can kiss my business goodbye.

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