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Originally Posted by onebyone
Why can't you cancel the order? If it isn't in the shipping process, you should be able to cancel it. I think we are missing something in the story. They were so very strict about meeting their on time for Christmas deadlines I can't believe they just decided to screw you around on all fronts.
Set the record straight right now...

1. Placed order on 12/15
2. Paid for 2 day shipping
3. By 12/21 items were still in process of being shipped
4. Call amazon ask them why they haven't shipped
5. Amazon replies that there are 2 items that are not in stock
6. I tell them please cancel those 2 items and ship the remaining 5
7. I tell amazon that I need them before Christmas and I paid for 2 day shipping to make sure they would be here in time (hence, 2 days from the 15th is the 17th)
8. Amazon says we will refund your shipping cost and we will ship it to you overnight at no extra charge. You will receive items by 12/23
9. 12/22 website says they are still in the process of shipping. Called amazon and they assured me they will be at my house by the 12/23
10. 12/23 Items are still in the shipping process and NOW says they estimate arrival between 12/29 - 1/3. Call amazon and ask them what happened. No explanation. Told them this was unacceptable and want to cancel order. Amazon responds and says they can not cancel order because it is in the shipping process.
11. It is now 7:00 pm and I can't log into my amazon account.
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