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Karloff and Chaney Inner Sanctum Sets in September

From DVD Drive-In:
On September 19, Universal will release “The Boris Karloff Collection” as a three-disc set which will include NIGHT KEY, TOWER OF LONDON, THE CLIMAX, THE STRANGE DOOR and THE BLACK CASTLE. The set will contain full frame transfers and retail for $29.98. Also on the same day from Universal comes “Inner Sanctum Mysteries: The Complete Movie Collection”, a two-disc set featuring Lon Chaney Jr. in CALLING DR. DEATH, WEIRD WOMAN, DEAD MAN'S EYES, THE FROZEN GHOST, STRANGE CONFESSION and PILLOW OF DEATH. This set will also contain full screen transfers and retail for $29.98.
Looks like some good sets, I'm especially interested in more Karloff. I have to wonder if we'll have the same problems as the last batches of Universal sets.
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