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For some reason I felt kindly toward this film going in. That is, I was actually desperate to like it rather than the other way around. I've not seen a possession film in quite some time, and the poster was cool.

So I watched it with a couple friends, and we call came out and basically all thought it was middling. One commented "it could have done with more Devil". On the other hand, possession films have not progressed from The Exorcist, and this litle sub-genre is struggling to escape from under its shadow. It defined all the cliches and rules, what should and should not happen. This film suffered for that, but it tried to be original (in a Law and Order type of way) and instead concentrated on the court drama more than the possession. Did this work? Well, not entirely. It's an interesting experiment though, isn't it?

It's one of those annoying things that can get a 1 or a 7 out of ten. one comment made though - it's never really terrifying. That's a downer. Possession films need someone to think out of the box, imo. The whole sub-genre seriously needs to shed the burden of The Exorcist and show us there are deeper veins to be plumbed.
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