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Originally Posted by CasEjonz
I love "Four of the Apocalypse." Great cast and nice gore. I've been meaning to pick it up, but never seem to find it at any B&Ms, and have not decided to buy it online. I might end up buying the box set.
I'd say go for it.The others are worth your money.I personally like Compaņeros,Keoma and A Bullet for the General best.But the other two (Four of the Apocalypse and Texas Adios) are also very nice.
One SW to avoid like the plague is "Django Kill...If you Live, Shoot."
Suck does not describe how bad this film is.
I really liked that one.Great direction.Some weird pseude Gothic imagery,some gore what more do you want?

Cut Throat 9 is awesome, definately the goriest, cruelest SW out there, worth getting. I wish this would come out as a special edition.
Haven't seen that one.Will check it out if I can find a decent release.

The Great Silence is also a very,very great addition to my collection.I'm glad to have it.

Can anyone tell me something about Sartana's Coming ?
Recently released by German label X-Gabu Film (X-Rated under a different name...again..).
Here's a review

but although the review is fairly positive what's to expect?

Will Blue Underground do another Spaghetti Western box?
It's rumored that NoShame is looking into the genre too,which is very cool.
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