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Scaled on 1 to 5 stars, first viewings are underlined, theatrical screenings are in red.

* vomit stew
** bad film
*** good film
**** excellent film
***** a grand artistic achievement... the 'anti-vomit stew'

  • 1/16 The Day of the Jackal, ***1/2
  • 1/17 The Brides of Dracula, ***1/2
  • 1/27 Smokin' Aces, ***1/2 Was rollin' along pretty damned well until it started taking itself too seriously near the end. Still, while the payoff may not have been so great, it was fun getting there.

  • 2/?? Cannibal Holocaust, N/A I had to watch this in a room full of stoners who all thought they were in a MST3K studio. Add to that the fact that when they got bored, which was often, they fast-forwarded to the next sensational bit so, needless to say, I was unable to properly analyze this legendary landmark of gruesomeness on my first viewing. But I did catch enough of it to decide that there doesn't have to be a second viewing.

  • 3/04 Goin' South, ***1/2
  • 3/10 Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, ****
  • 3/18 TMNT, ***1/2 Pretty solid. It has the vibe of the original black and white comics series rather than the later, dumbed down kiddie color stuff.

  • 4/10 The Hills Have Eyes, '77, ***1/2 Dirty, grubby little gem of a movie.
  • 4/27 Mr. and Mrs. Smith, ***1/2 For sustained action and tension.
  • 4/27 Thank You For Smoking, **** Spot on, witty social satire on business practices - couldn't stop laughing.

Sometime between late April and mid-August...
  • Death at a Funeral, ***1/2 Good job of the classic British farce. Had the whole audience laughing throughout.
  • Bullitt, ****
  • House of Flying Daggers, ****1/2
  • A Virgin Among the Living Dead, ***
  • The Frisco Kid, ***
  • Legend, ***1/2
  • The Notorious Bettie Page ***
  • The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, ****
  • 300, ****1/2
  • Idiocracy, ***1/2 Stupid fun.

  • 8/23 Hot Fuzz, ****

  • 9/07 The Thing From Another World, ****
  • 9/10 The 40 Year Old Virgin, ***1/2
  • 9/15 Transformers, ***1/2
  • 9/15 The Simpsons Movie, ***1/2
  • 9/17 One Night in the Tropics, **1/2 I watched lots of Abbott & Costello when I was a kid, but if I ever saw this one I forgot all about it - and watching it now, that's not very surprising. A&C are relegated to sporadic (and sparse) comic relief for a nonsensical plot. The main idea, that of love insurance, is cute on a surface level and works for about two seconds, but trying to sustain it for a feature film? It just doesn't work too well. While the acting is serviceable by all parties, one reallly has to suspend disbelief (and common sense) for this one. Recommended for A&C fans only, and as a curiosity at that.
  • 9/23 The Buck Privates, ***1/2 Here, much more in the spotlight than in One Night in the Tropics, Abbott and Costello are more allowed to, and do, come through with flying colors. The pacing of the spot on skits, in tandem with the workable plot of a playboy conscript turned unlikely bootcamp hero, makes this one worthy. Added bonus, the Andrews Sisters are nothing to scoff at; their are several numbers, but Patty really belts it out on Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and shows, straight up, why the sisters were such a sensation back in the day.

  • 10/24 Cry of the Banshee, ***1/2 While the plot had a few 'wtf' moments, this is a great looking movie and Price is sinister. The supporting cast works well too.
  • 10/26 Murders in the Rue Morgue, '71, *** While it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the Poe story, it's still a decently made revenge flick.
  • 10/28 Black Sheep, ***1/2 Funny, played straight. Professionally done send-up of the zombie genre via killer sheep. Tight production with solid photography, special effects and a soundtrack that really enhances the film.
  • 10/28 Fido, ***1/2 Funny, not played straight. Zombies brought under control, (and domestic servitude) in 1950s America. The humor here is much more overt than in Black Sheep.

  • 11/24 Killing Zoe, ****1/2

  • 12/02 Blade Runner, The Final Cut, *****
  • 12/09 Superbad, ****
  • 12/?? The Thin Man, ****

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