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Anyone else see Dreamgirls yet? I've seen it a few times now (I know, paint me pink and call me Mary ) and I love it. It is nowhere near the best movie of the year, but it's really good none the less. Everyone is really amazing in this film. Eddie Murphy really does the performance of his career in this and should win awards for it. Too bad he wants to go back for another Beverly Hills Cop now. I was most surprised by the fact that Beyonce actually shows emotion in this. She's not just a walking doll for the first time in a role. Of course, Jennifer Hudson brought the house down. She stole every single scene that she was in. Her performance of "And I'm Telling You" gives me goosebumps each time. The first screening I went to actually erupted in applause after that song. She deserves Supporting Actress nods for sure!
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