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I like the way you're doing your list...but I'm confused over your double-inclusion of Zatoichi in the top five. Take a look at your post. I'll have to check that flick out soon. It's another DVD in my "to watch" list that I must have had for a year.

I've put off Little Miss Sunshine forever, but I'll check it out now that it has all the nods...and since everyone here seems to be digging it.

I liked Children of Men more for its technical brilliance (and Clive Owen was awesome) but I thought it kind of came up a bit flat overall. I'll probably see it again eventually.

I'm still in love with We Are Marshall which I saw on Xmas Eve. It's a typical kind of emotional drama, but I thought it really worked and the cast was terrific. Not normally a sucker for these things, but I think it's being overlooked. Check it out.
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