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Ok, I just came from seeing Dreamgirls, which I thoroughly enjoyed for what it was.

Now, I understand and accept that some people simply don't like musicals. Some people don't "get" them, some aren't used to them and some just actively dislike them (which is to say, my flatmate).

So why do these people go to see this film on opening night and then laugh or moan/sigh loudly when the characters start to sing? Is it so unimaginable that people would actually sing and dance in the MUSICAL Dreamgirls? Just what did these people expect, exactly?

I'm willing to bet these are the same people who spent money to see The Exorcist when it was re-released only to laugh at it because it's "cool" to laugh at old horror movies. I'm actually glad they spent their money on such a worthless experience, but I just wish they'd done it when I wasn't sitting in front of them ...
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