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I'm embarassed to admit this, but here it goes: I finally sat down and watched Rocky all the way through for the first time in my twenty-two years of living. I really enjoyed it and I can finally understand why people say it's one of the, if not THE, greatest sports films of all time.

Just watched Eddie Murphy's Delirious for the first time, too. I can't believe how hilarious he was with every single joke he told. Just his charisma and delivery were fantastic. It makes me wonder why Doctor Doolittle, Daddy Day Care, I-Spy, etc. is coming from this same person now when he used to be so good. Not that all of his films have been terrible, but still....You'll have to pardon me if I don't remember him well... I was born in 1984 so I wasn't around when he was breaking out big.

Anyway, two good films. I'm watching The Science Of Sleep right now. Gael is da man~!!
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