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Originally Posted by _pi_ View Post
Yeah. This kind of experience makes you wonder why on earth you bother to go the cinema anymore. Not that I'm quitting the theatrical experience, but sometimes watching films at home is far more satisfying.
It's getting to be a chore just to see beside people at any screenings. I personally have always loved musicals, but I know it's a welcome opportunity for jackass to make aloud comments. Horror movies or thriller stuff is even harder to sit through with an audience. Kids are always shouting out stuff or laughing etc.

I just recently saw and enjoyed Alpha Dog with the exception of a group of asshole kids who were just there because Justin Timberlake was in it. They laughed or mocked several scenes including a brutal killing. Guess they didn't get the point of the film.

But I've heard as many stupid things from adults in audiences. I still love going to the cinema, but it's certainly gotten worse as far as respect etc. Don't get me started on cell phones...
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