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Originally Posted by KamuiX View Post
Most of De Palma's thrillers are just taken from Hitchcock blueprints, with a few modern camera techniques thrown in.
De Palma did a lot more than just update camera techniques. He took Hitch's themes and exposed them for what they were - turning them over to reveal the dark underbelly of waht before had been passed off as thrilling entertainment. De Palma knows in REAR WINDOW, when James Stewart pulls out longer and longer lenses when Grace Kelly is over, that he isn't just pulling out longer and longer lenses.

Originally Posted by KamuiX View Post
I'm sure most people, myself included, can identify with PL much easier, as even without the setting, one can reminisce on being a child in a bad situation where imagination lets you escape.
That was part of my problem with the film, and part of the reason why I did enjoy it somewhat. I thought Del Toro was again marginalizing his creativity by trying to tone down his visuals for a mass crowd to easily identify with. At the same time though, for sure, the way he evokes the power of a child's imagination to heal in times of hardship are definitely the film's finest moments. Interesting, too, when you compare the opposite effects that fantasy has on Ana in BEEHIVE and Ofelia in PL.
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