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Stopped by my parents' place today and watched The Punisher with my dad on his killer plasma tv. We had some good laughs at the film. Rebecca Romaine-Lettuce has to be one of the worst actors around. She was wooden in that film. Literally made of wood. Literally. She was a wooden figurine. Her father was Geppetto and he brought her to life through magic.

This was a total smash 'em up flick. It was like a monster truck rally. If I am ever hungover on a Sunday afternoon again and it comes on tv, I'll re-watch it.

The Punisher: "I've got work to do. Read your daily paper and you'll see."

Wooden figurine: "What section?"

The Punisher: "The obituaries."

My dad: "That was a good one."
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Well as the video explains, I do not think it is a great film, nor do I think.

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