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Originally Posted by Workshed View Post
Stopped by my parents' place today and watched The Punisher with my dad on his killer plasma tv. We had some good laughs at the film. Rebecca Romaine-Lettuce has to be one of the worst actors around. She was wooden in that film. Literally made of wood. Literally. She was a wooden figurine. Her father was Geppetto and he brought her to life through magic.

This was a total smash 'em up flick. It was like a monster truck rally. If I am ever hungover on a Sunday afternoon again and it comes on tv, I'll re-watch it.

The Punisher: "I've got work to do. Read your daily paper and you'll see."

Wooden figurine: "What section?"

The Punisher: "The obituaries."

My dad: "That was a good one."
After I watched it last year I searched the web for some good reviews that would enlighten me on the brawler I just saw. I wish I had read this post. And I also wish I had met your dad. You must write more of these mini-reviews, Work.
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