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Just watched The Astronaut Farmer tonight and it was kind of, eh. Bily Bob & Virgina Madsen were great, as usual, but the film was just a tad too predictable and maudlin for my tastes. You can predict the exact moment a character will pass away in the film from the very moment they walk on screen. It was a passable movie, nothing spectacular. There was some laughable CGI near the end of the movie that totally drew me out of the story. Recommended for a rental or a matinee.

On a side note, after the movie Billy Bob Thornton, the write and the director were there for a Q&A afterwards, what is with people asking the stupidest questions at these things? When I saw a screening of The Fountain last year, a lady actually asked Darren Aronofsky if he liked Red Vines. Makes me a little embarased to be in the same room as these people, lol.
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