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I just watched Southern Comfort last night. Directed/written by Walter Hill and starring Keith Carradine, Powers Boothe, Fred Ward, Peter Coyote and a couple other recognizable faces.

All I can say is.... Wow! I purchased it after reading a review in DVD Delirium and I really enjoyed it. For those that like a mystery plot, it's got it. You like violence? Got it. Suspense? Definitely. Good acting? All the way around.

I can't recommend this enough to people who haven't seen it... Go rent it!

Oh, and as far as the plot goes... A handful of U.S. Reserve Guards are sent on an overnight mission in Louisiana. When they realize their path has been washed out, they "borrow" (steal?) two boats from some Cajun trappers and move down the river. When the cajuns see them on the water, a nasty prank is pulled by the Guards that leads to the soldiers fighting for their lives.
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