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Fuck it.
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Early issues on eBay go for more than new copies would go for*, and in any event, a package like the Mad Magazine cd-rom deal would be something between fifty and a hundred for all the issues (or, all the stories more accurately, as the laster issues were reprint heavy). I'm looking on eBay now, and while it looks like some interest may have waned, nice VF copies of Creepy 1 seem to be getting $20 and up. The last time I was actively scoping out the early issues, maybe a year or two ago, the early issues (1-10, let's say) were all hot, and were fetching around $30 or $40 regularly. 1 was getting up in the $50s even. Eerie was getting similar cash, sometimes more. Even the later issues, of both series, say between 10 and 50, were getting up to and over $10 regularly, and I'm still talking about VF grade, not NM. And we haven't even brought up Vampirella. The thought of doling out the required cash for originals of that series makes my head hurt.

If these were printed today, in the same format (magazine size, black and white for the most part, same content layout and book length) they'd be around $5 to $8 an issue, and that's accounting for modern paper stock (just an example, color loaded, slick Heavy Metal currently retails for $8). That's still a lot cheaper than the $20 or more for vintage copies.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to reclaim the originals I used to have and have landed a few nice issues over the past few years, but the several times I've stalked eBay, it was just too much work trying to build a collection of any reputable size for an average of $5 to $10 an issue (and $10 an issue is really out of my range anyway, except for the first ten or so issues). The only way to do it on the cheap is in buying lots, and that's a job in itself once you've gone down that road trying to come across lots that won't land you countless doubles.

Nope, I'm lazy and poor; give me a cd-rom set any day, or like Watts said, a nice hardback collection where it may be a little more costly than a cd-rom set, but it'd still be a good chronological chunk, or even a complete collection like the Russ Cochran/Gemstone EC hardbacks.

*I have no idea what they go for in Scary Monsters magazine, and didn't know they were available from them. I'll have to check this out.
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