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Peter Vincent
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The word about Bruce Campbell being on board...I'll believe it when I see it.

I got ragged on by him when I asked him during a Q&A here in Tampa...asked him if he was in the next Phantasm and he was like "where did U hear that?" and like a dumbass, the only word I can say was "the internet"...I forgot what he said after that, but he pretty much let me have it & had the audience rolling!

Still, I'm down with a new trilogy. So R we talking whole new cast here? Liek a "remake" trilogy or what? Not that I DON'T want the original cast back (Angus Scrimm is the Tall Man...PERIOD), I'm just saying, it isn't very "Hollywood" of New Line to have a full cast of what is considered by many to be "B" movie actors.
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