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1. Argento, Fulci, and Italian horror are overrated. Yes, there's some thrill of discovery when you're first exposed to the stuff, but after a while you realize that it's kind of retarded.

2. Movies need more nudity. Boobs, butts, and beavers are where it's at. Agreed that naked chicks might not make a movie better, but they sure don't make it worse.

3. Asian movies and comics are incomprehensible to me. Much of it is so culture-specific that I just can't get into it.

4. CGI still looks fake. Especially in horror movies.

5. Metallica's Load and Re-Load are better than the black album. Not by much, but...

6. Steven Spielberg's only really good movies are Jaws, CE3K, Poltergeist, and the Indiana Jones movies. 1941 should've been a warning.

7. Expensive wine (over $10 a bottle) tastes like crap.

8. Bikini waxing and shaving suck. Women should look like women, not pre-pubescent girls or Barbie dolls. Keep the pubes, ladies.
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