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I guess this is as good of place as any to post some updates from Don May:
- The website redesign is almost there... the webcart/shopping section is still a bit buggy. Once it is fixed 100%, we'll continue to add the rest of our product (and other studios product) to the site for sale.

- Today should be the last day of QC for 42ND STREET FOREVER: EXPLOITATION EXPLOSION. A few last minute menu nav fixes (and my SUPER paranoia about things playing correctly, progressive scan, etc.) have dragged this on a bit longer than expected, but it should be going to press by the end of the week. The commentary is so informative and fun, I've listened to it about 4-5 times now. This one is on schedule for the January 29, 2008 release.

- We are finishing up the audio on HOME SICK right now. There was a bit of a problem when the audio mix originally got lost and Adam Wingard had to redo everything. Now, we got the restored audio and the levels are a bit uneven (I noticed this during the July Fantasia screening) and, unfortunately, the audio was mixed in 24fps instead of 29.97... so that's the delay. I had to go back in and re-EQ and re-sync everything. BUT, that being said, it's almost done. I'm a perfectionist and I want some things fixed, so it's taking me longer than expected.

- We are currently in authoring on PARTY 7 and KARAOKE TERROR. They should be done soon. MADAME O is headed to authoring this week. P7 and KARAOKE TERROR should be out April 29, 2008.

- SCHOOLGIRL REPORT #3 is finishing up the subtitling right now... and, yeah... in NTSC it's 95 minutes so this one IS uncut compared to the Japanese 79 minute release. We've checked it against the previous release and it is much longer than the Japanese DVD. So, no fears on this one. It's schedule for a February 26, 2008 release.

- Early next year, if I can get to LA at the end of January, we hope to start our high-definition restoration and mastering on THE KINDRED.

- We have quite a line up ready for SMALL GAUGE TRAUMA 2 and plan on releasing that in June or July '08. The last possible submission just came in on Friday...

- We have to AMAZING film from Argentina in the works right now, too. Look 'em up... ANIMALADA (horror film about a man in love with a sheep... it's insane) and ROSARIGASINOS (GANGS OF ROSARIO... a GOODFELLAS-like crime drama that is pretty amazing). These are getting prepped for release now and will be available in the Spring.

- Besides the SCHOOLGIRL REPORT series, we have some upcoming goodies coming from IMPULSE PICTURES. The one finishing up now, THE SECOND COMING OF EVA, is amazingly sexy!

- As soon as Josh Becker is ready (he's working on a new movie right now), we'll be starting the restorations and HD mastering on our new THOU SHALT NOT KILL... EXCEPT and RUNNING TIME releases. We were able to get some fun stuff from Bruce Campbell for these.

More to come... Jerry and I are hard at work! Right now the DVD market is in the shitter, so we're moving as fast as we can! All I can say is to support all us indie-DVD companies right now. We can use the support.

Our August releases did... ok.... not great, which was a shame. HORRORS OF MALFORMED MEN and SNAKE WOMAN'S CURSE could've done better. Honestly, these are two of the best titles we've ever produced, so it's a shame they didn't catch on as we'd hoped. The November POISONOUS SEDUCTRESS titles did even worse... I know these aren't for everyone, the economy is in the crapper and the DVD market is pretty bad, but we really need your support on these three! There was something in the NY POST about them on Saturday, so maybe this will help the sales somewhat. Eh, ya win some, ya lose some, ya know?

We'll keep you posted on any new developments... once the paperwork comes in, I'll have another horror classic to announce (hopefully soon).

Malformed Men, Snake Woman and the Poison Seductress series is what it's all about for me so it's a shame that others aren't picking up on them. I'd like to reiterate that HD remasterings and bountiful extras are a privilege, not a right.

Reading that makes me worried about Mondo Macabro all over again. We've had good news with Panik House / Casa Negra so I'm hoping they're good too.
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