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Originally Posted by dwatts View Post
Don't Go Into the Woods is truly great. The more I think about about it the better it gets. I think it's up there with the best of the "so bad..." movies. And then DVD is so earnest, just makes it damn near perfect.

The Forest is odd, and to quote David Byrne: "When it didn't work it just seemed like nutty artsy-fartsy stuff."

Yeah, in retrospect both are actually pretty amazing. I get a big smile when I think about both, and how the earnestness you mentioned coupled with the sheer ineptitude of both final products combines to something you can't help but appreciatively admire. That still doesn't make the experience of watching them any more bearable though.

The DVD for Don't Go in the Woods is amazing though...never have I seen a more personal project on the entire medium. Even the titles and menus have a quaint personal touch.
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