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Originally Posted by Paff View Post
There's a finite amount of stuff you can have for this movie. Documentaries? What documentaries? They barely had the money to make the movie, let alone a making-of.

I thought the Millenium Edition was pretty comprehensive, with only the exception of the still photos that were on the Elite laserdisc.

You did listen to both audio commentaries, right?
No I didn't listen to them yet. Are they any good?

And yeah by documentary I meant just getting everyone to talk about filming it and to tell their stories, use stills, how it became in public domain, the influence it has had on horror and zombie movies since, have Stephen King, John Carpenter and other horror directors talk how it influenced their careers. But I never thought of the fact that most of them have passed away. That is said news, and I guess it would make it harder for the documentary to work. I don't know, compared to his other Dead films though (Dawn and Day), it just seemed like the Millennium edition was lackluster to me, when it was the film that really started his career.
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