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Originally Posted by Paff View Post
Funny how colorizing a black-and-white film is usually considered "sacrilege", but turning a 2-D movie into a 3-D gimmick (and oh yes, it's definitely a gimmick, Tony) is "cause for celebration"

If it wasn't filmed in 3-D, it can't be 3-D.
I haven't exactly seen people say, "It's about time." Nobody asked for it, and apathy will probably be the resounding response.

Interesting point though. I guess because it's a gimmick it's acceptable. If they re-released it in theaters with buzzers in the seats to make you jump at the right moments it'd be OK too. 3D is also a b-movie mainstay so people are more comfortable seeing a monster movie becoming 3D than say Citizen Kane.

Also with technology today 3D isn't going to replace 2D any time soon. That's different than colorizing as once it's done it can quite easily become the front runner. I see possible 5.1 or 7.1 mixing as more worrisome than the 3D, as it's more than likely whatever hack job is done creating surround sound for the theatrical release will replace the original mono track on a DVD release.
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