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Originally Posted by Paff View Post
While they're at it, maybe they can color correct the blood, for a more realistic look.
Tom Savini might actually be up for that, hasn't he voiced a few complaints about the blood's color?

I'm usually the first to say if it ain't broke don't fix it, but 3D just isn't that big of a deal. I doubt it'll be done at all. If anything it'll probably get the one theatrical run and then that'll be it we'll never ever see it again. That's pretty much how it works. There's nothing in danger. Night of the Living Dead got the 3D treatment from Razor3D, and yet the flat version remains more popular. Much more popular. I look more at is as saving one's breath.

I don't see anyone jumping into every Creature From the Black Lagoon thread demanding that the 3D version be released, as that was how it was originally shot. Or cursing about Dracula never being shown with green tinting anymore. Neither of these films are readily available as the filmmakers intended them to be seen.
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