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Originally Posted by satans-sadists View Post
Any thoughts that cuts might be made to get an R-rating and a wider release in 3-D?
My first viewing of Dawn was the infamous R-Rated cut that was released to revival theaters on the back end of a double feature with Creepshow (in the days before VCRs were common). Don't ask me how it was different from the more commonly seen version, as this was easily 25 years ago. Before I discovered beer, so a lot of memories are long gone. I know the "exploding head" from the tenement scene was cut, as I'd seen photos of that in Fangoria and I wondered why it wasn't in the version I saw. After that it's all a blur.

Considering what goes on in R-rated movies nowadays though, I bet the original "unrated" cut could be given to the MPAA today and they'd just slap an R on it.
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