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Originally Posted by geeare View Post
I do have the box set but I am at work and am going from here fishing all weekend so hopefully I will remember when i get back. I think it IS "into the fire" on the DVD track but i'd like to know what the other tune was on the other version i saw of the film.

I think it was always Into the Fire playing but could be wrong.
I have the old, first vhs with the Dokken sticker on front (from Media), but my vcr is dead (at least it was last time I tried it).

Some info from imdb (for what it's worth. 51% chance it's right)

The VHS cassette released by Media Home Entertainment in the 1980s features a different song in the beginning instead of Dokken's "Into the Fire." The 'unknown' song heard is "Quiet Cool" by Joe Lamont and substituted in place of the Dokken song. The US DVD re-instates the original song back into the film.

On the first VHS release, the music video for the film's title song "Dream Warriors" by Dokken appears after the closing credits.

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