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Dokken: Unchain the Night includes a cluster of music videos augmented by footage of the heavy metal group on tour a couple decades back, all of which comprised the band’s 1986 home video, Unchain the Night. There’s also a handful of extra videos and an entertaining, 2006 interview with Don Dokken and Mick Brown as they recall funny anecdotes from glory days. In fact, almost everything about the 1986 production, including the music performances and videos, is obsessed with touring: the sacrifices, the loneliness, the madness of it all. There are exceptions, such as "Into the Fire," with its wintry, romantic look, but most of what’s here is more like the unsettling "The Hunter," which presents the image of a touring rocker as a lone wolf, looking for sanctuary but dogged and captured by malevolent forces. "Break the Chains" is partially shot in a crazy, long hallway with the band banging into lanterns, but then weirdly includes the super-imposed image of a girl quoting from a letter the song denounces as insincere. "Alone Again" is another of those between-gigs visions of woeful isolation on the road. It all would be wearing if it weren’t for the obvious wit and intelligence of Dokken and Brown, both then and now. New videos include the interesting "Heaven Sent," which has a certain dream logic to it. --Tom Keogh

Product Description
Dokken ruled the charts and airwaves in the '80s with a trio of platinum albums powered by an unforgettable mix of metal and melody. UNCHAIN THE NIGHT is the DVD debut of the band's platinum-certified first home video featuring their hit music video clips "Into The Fire" "Just Got Lucky" "Alone Again" and much more. The DVD is expanded with previously unreleased videos including the onetime MTV staple/Nightmare On Elm Street theme "Dream Warriors" and the DVD also includes new expanded interviews with the band.

Track Listing:
Into The Fire
Just Got Lucky
Breaking The Chains
Alone Again
The Hunter
In My Dreams
It's Not Love
Walk Away
Dream Warriors
Heaven Sent
Burning Like A Flame
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