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I like Synapse. They are an enthusiastic bunch, and their releases are almost always intriguing to me. I haven't had a DVD from them yet that didn't impress me. And, unlike Barrel and Grindhouse (who also do stellar work), Synapse will give updates on a range of titles, not just ones that are right around the corner.

In June, Synapse posted on their blog about an upcoming DVD of Patrick:

So, I'm sitting in a production facility today working on PATRICK and I figured I'd give you all a bit of an update. We have remastered PATRICK in anamorphic widescreen and we will be releasing it in October or November of this year. The remaster looks fantastic and our new transfer seems to have more picture information on all four sides when compared to the older out-of-print Elite version (just so you know).

A few of you that have heard about this release have asked us about the "Goblin" score version. The version we are releasing is the original uncut Australian version without the English dubbing. The "Goblin" scored version of PATRICK is indeed shorter and does not represent the original version. I did inquire about this version with the licensors and, while they didn't give me all the details, they said that the "Goblin" score version was problematic for them and that we wouldn't be able to do it. For those of you who WANT the "Goblin" score, you could certainly buy the excellent CD soundtrack that's currently available and listen to it along with our version of the movie!
Also, their latest batch of upcoming releases were mentioned:

We are also working on re-releases of the following films (to come out within the same month or so of PATRICK): SYNGENOR, DARK FORCES, THIRST and STRANGE BEHAVIOR. And, as Synapse Films, we absolutely PROMISE to have better cover art on these than the previous now out-of-print Elite versions!
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