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I don't wanna speak for CodeRedDvd, but I found this post by him on another website...


here's the Number system

Don't Go In the Woods...Alone! - 01
The Fabulous Journey To The Center Of The Earth - 02
The Forest - 03
Devil Times Five - 04
Doom Asylum - 05
Sole Survivor - 07
Boardinghouse - 08
The Dead Pit - 09
The Dead Pit 2-Disc Collector's Edition - 09-2
Can I Do It 'Till I Need Glasses? - 10
The Unseen - 11
Sweet Sixteen - 12
Beyond the Door - 14
Hot Moves -15

A Day at the Beach - No number since it's a regular movie

Savage Streets & Final Exam - is not our title, it's BCI. We just did the extras. that New Star dvd you bought is a bootleg from Jef films and is a dub from the vhs. Buy the BCI release for it's way better than a ex-rental vhs dub.

Burbank Drive-In Collection: Between the Covers/Swinging Wives - we have very little to do with this since this is a release for a friend who I worked for in the past. It's not our release.

The Curious Case Of The Campus Corpse'
Bad Girls Dormitory
Killer's Delight
The Chilling
Love Me Deadly
are all from our old distributor Media-Blasters and we have zero control on those title.

we have recently received email regarding Redemption placing numbers and using RED-00?. They are not related to us. They just took a number system we used.

thank you all for the support.

6 and 13 have not been determined yet, at least not publically - some dood was hoping that Nightmare in a Damaged Brain would get #6, and Bill shot that down.
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