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Originally Posted by rhett View Post
I can confirm that the first Carnosaur is there as well. Maskull, was that King Kong the nice Warner special edition? And for $2.99? If so, that's a steal.

Yeah, I don't know how Zellers stays in business - that place is always a ghost town. They're still selling VHS, for Christ's sake.
If it's the same King Kong I saw here, it's the one that came out a few years back before the amazing SE.

I totally agree about Zellers being a ghost town, there's one here in the same area as a big Walmart, Costco, and all the other usual suspects of a shitty suburban shopping district with supermarkets, furniture stores, etc., but there's never anybody there. At the same time, I usually tend to find a lot of cool stuff there. My girlfriend found a REALLY cool Coca-Cola tanktop, shirt and pajama pants there (we're both huge fans of old school Coca-Cola merch so it worked out well) along with a bunch of other really cool shirts. I bought a fog machine there that was $15 (marked down from $26, I'm gonna use it for photoshoots and random flicks I'll shoot down the road), plus I've gotten a TON of really cool DVDs in their sale bins for $2.99 or $4.99.

At the same time, it's hilarious that these places manage to stay in business. I still stop by there every few weeks to check out what's there, but they've gotta be bleeding money consistently as a company.
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