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Originally Posted by dave13 View Post
Bullitt looks beautiful on blu, as does road warrior. i saw that best buy had their kubrick blu's on sale for $15 each and i was sorely tempted. but i'd just bought the dvd box of them all back round xmas and i'm trying to save some cash so i passed on them. but if they put out barry lyndon on blu, that'll be a no-brainer.
Hmmm....Bullitt is one of my favorite movies and honestly... it looks HEAPS better than the DVD in terms of color and detail, but I still think it's somewhat lacking. The movie's LOADED with grain. I know that's inherent in the print and I'm not one to complain about grain (I'm completely against DNR-ing a movie) but Bullitt is sometimes overwhelmed with grain. But the Kubrick movies look insane on blu-ray, especially 2001. Absolutely beautiful.

Yeah I really want Barry Lyndon (and Lolita) to come out on blu, since Warner's DVDs (along with GIANT) are STILL non-anamorphic 1.66:1!! It's infuriating. You can't even zoom 1.66:1 without it going to at least 1.78:1 so you're never getting the correct aspect ratio.

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