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Originally Posted by Kolpitz View Post
I agree. I remember hearing about this movie and thinking "Soderbergh's making a movie in the style of the 40's WB movies. That's like a dream come true." Then, the reviews started coming out and they were mixed, at best, saying that the film was "style over substance" only. It didn't play near me anyway so I just waited for video. Then, when I did finally watch it, I loved it. Sure, the style was great but I really liked the actors and the story too. I disagree with you about Tobey Maguire though. I wouldn't say that I would see a movie because he was in it but I don't think he's a bad actor. James Franco's the same way for me. I don't necessarily think he's a bad actor but I wouldn't see a movie just because he was in it. Although, he was hilarious in Pineapple Express. I just hope that when this hits Blu, that they keep it 1.33:1 and don't crop it to 1.78:1 to "appease" the widescreen TV owners. Sam Raimi can get away with saying that Evil Dead was intended to be matted. Stanley Kubrick's 1.33:1 films were really shown in a matted presentation theatrically (and that's how he wanted it). But, we know that Soderbergh never intended The Good German to be matted.
Yeah I really hope they don't matte the movie (like they did in its theatrical run, but then again, todays theatres aren't equipped to handle the 1.33:1 academy ratio). I really DO hope that they'll actually put some special features on the blu-ray if it ever does come out, though since the DVD was seriouly lackluster. I'm sure Soderberg has a lot to say about this film im terms of its production and I think a commentary and doc would prove to be really interesting.

But yeah, can't stand Tobey Maguire. He's an awful actor, he can never get "emotion" right. Whenever he gets angry or upset it just looks fake. James Franco, on the other hand. Jesus, what an actor. I'd even go as far as to say he's one of the best actors in Hollywood today.He can be genuinely funny and touching. I can't say I've liked every movie he's been in, but I've definitely been impressed with his performance in every film he's been in.

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