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Yeah I have Road Warrior and it looks pretty amazing! I have The Shining and Full Metal jacket as well, haven't got around to watching them yet though. Just need to grab Clockwork orange and Eyes Wide Shot now to complete my Kubrick Blu collection, well until the rest get released. I have never seen Barry Lyndon, how is it compared to his other films?
its something of an aquired taste i think. a lot of people might find it boring, but i absolutely love it. its a great character peice with some really funny moments in it (there's a duel near the end that was hillarious in a dark kind of way). and the cinematography is astounding. kubrick found these cameras that had been developed for NASA. they had such a fast lens speed that they were able to register the smallest amount of light in a space. he lit whole scenes with candlelight, and so many of the compositions in the film look like paintings. i imagine that it could rival 2001 as his most visually impressive film when its put on HD.
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