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Originally Posted by WesReviews View Post
I think Barrel is out of business. Their disc of Last House on Dead End Street has been out of print for a little while now.

Shame. They really had promise.
Most of their titles are still in print. No way to tell if it's old stock or not. There was a thread several months ago about Barrel's apparent demise: no DVD news for over a year, and then their website had disappeared. Within a week of the thread posting, and a few posts on the IMDB, the website was back up. However, there have been no updates.

That, coupled with Severin taking over the rights to Expose, brings up questions about Barrel's solvency again. After a few unanswered emails to them over the past few years, I gave up trying to find out about their upcoming releases.

Maybe other folks had better luck with them. And, it is a shame since their DVD's were some of the best.
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