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Is true Zellers have Chopping Mall. I love to go to Zellers in my area because is have many 2.99 movies so I go every weeks. I only see the one copy of Chooping Mall when I buy and not more after this time but is dependant on what is the Zellers you go because is all difrent stocks. You maybe to find other movies not in other Zellers. And I am go every week and I go Christmas week to see what is for 2.99 and every thing is empty. The 2.99 bin is have only maybe not 10 movies even and is crap ones so I am to hope is they filling up the bin again soon after new years because I think many people are to purchase this cheap movies for storking stuffers for presents. Is always to replenish because I see new movies inside 2.99 box sometimes when I go. I hope you find Chopping Mall. I also since purchase more movies in 2.99 so I having to make update on this list I make in other post. To do this soon.

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