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Originally Posted by Matt89 View Post
I'd definitely grab Night Warning but I'd DEFINITELY pass on The Mutilator. But what I really want to know is what's happening with that Massacre at Central High Special Edition DVD that was mentioned a few months ago?
There was a thread under its other name, THE REDEEMER, where Code Red stated the original film print has been lost and there simply aren't good enough materials in circulation to even warrant a release. A shame that one is.

I didn't care all that much for THE MUTILATOR on video, but the only copy I've seen is the butchered one. I'd like to see it with new eyes uncut. And plus, it's never too early to go on a Fall Break.

Originally Posted by Kim Bruun
There haven't been any news about Silent Scream in a long time, though... I hope it won't be too long before that release materialises.
The last that was mentioned about SILENT SCREAM was that since Code Red has the rights for a very long period, they will save that release for later. They were also shopping the print around to transfer houses to get a nice HD telecine done. Perhaps that is done at this point?
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