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Originally Posted by SaviniFan View Post
I'm not sure how I feel about an Evil Dead 4. I was VERY let down by Army of Darkness (yes I know, that is blasphemy to some) with it's lack of gore and 3 stooges antics. I really like the first film and can enjoy the horror/comedy combo mix of part 2, but AoD just killed it for me. I met Sam and Bruce at a Fango convention in Detroit years ago and Mr. Raimi made it a point to ask the fans in a Q&A what they wanted to see in the next Evil Dead installment. The resounding answer was "more gore"!! Obviously it fell on deaf ears.

My hopes are high for this but my expectations are very low.

Times have changed, there was a time when the first Evil Dead was banned in the UK for a while, obviously gore and blood was being kept policed after a while, but with horror this decade, the Saw films going all out to get under your skin, R rated gore is all there now, Evil Dead can be whatever it needs to be. One of the reason the fanchise went less hardcore blood was bascially the industry went too soft, but it's now it's back to taking risks again, thanks to the saw films and dawn of the dead remake success, and this new horror success period.
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