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I've always felt that DiCaprio's rep was hurt with a lot of guys because TITANIC made him such a heartthrob among teen girls.For a couple of years it was hard to turn on a TV without hearing about ''LEO" (your credibilty usually takes a hit when young girls squeel your name and the press refers to you by a single name).The hype hurt him in some corners.I had already seen him turn in great performances in WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE and THIS BOYS LIFE so I respected him as an actor rather than a phenomenon.I think he's made some fine pics since then,THE AVIATOR being a good example.He has the goods.
I'd see this film for the director alone, looks more horror than thriller from the trailer.Guess this is the first time Scorsese has gone for scares since CAPE FEAR.I love Max Von Sydow too,he's always worth a look.
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