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Originally Posted by Workshed View Post
Yeah, I'm not sure that's a fair way to look at it. Single issues would not come thread-bound into a hardcover with a dustjacket. Nor would they include an introduction or be printed on high-quality glossy print.

The price point is high, but these are gift editions--the best treatment these classic stories have ever received. I think Dark Horse will make it through the entire runs, as they are currently selling well enough.

Plus, these are 48 page, oversized, magazine-sized periodicals. Not your typical 22-page, smaller-sized comic. So a $15 TP of 5 issues is unlikely.

Amazon sells 'em for $33 a pop (no shipping fee, either).
The DC Absolute volumes (such as for Sandman) collect 20 standard comic issues in oversize slipcase hardcover, with new intros, recoloring, and a *lot* of extras. Price point $100 for 20 issues (just over 600 pages). In comparison the Eerie archives are $50 for 5 issues (240 pages), and even given the different original issue size the presentation size of both is roughly the same. But for half the cost the content is less than half, and production quality (although high in both) is notably better in the Absolute line. More importantly the Eerie comics are black and white, not color, and this *considerably* drops the production costs.

For me, the Absolute volumes hit about breaking point for what I was willing to pay, such that I only picked up a few sets (Watchmen, Sandman, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). I just view the Eerie / Creepy / Vault / Crypt anthologies as being even costlier on the "what you get for the price" point, putting it over what I was willing to accept for the Absolute volumes.

As for TPB, the typical TPB prints 5-7 color issues, 120-150 pages of content, for about $12-15. Black and white reprint volumes, such as the Marvel Essentials series, print 20 issues and 500-600 pages of content for about $15-20. So its not out of line by any means that a TPB for Eerie / Creepy could present 5 issues (250 pages of black and white content) for around $15 - maybe scaled to smaller print size, *maybe* bumped to $20 to reflect the more niche market. But definitely far from an unreasonable expectation.

But right now I look at what is being produced for other "premiere" edition comic volumes, and as good as they are these just don't deliver the same quality for the price.
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