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Probably about 5-6 years ago I completed my runs of Creepy and Eerie and am glad to have all of the original issues..these are my favorite comic series of all time. As time goes by I will probably get rid of most all of my comics, but I will never part with these classic magazines. Not only do they bring back so many memories of my youth, but the stories still hold up today and stand head and shoulders above any other horror comics that have ever been done. I admit the EC comics are also incredible, but I know I will never be able to compile a complete collection of those. I do have about 10 or so between copies of Haunt, Tales, and Vault. They sure as hell don't make them like they used to in regards to horror comics! I will probably pick up the new Creepy at least for the first issue or two, but I'm not holding out hopes for much despite the presence of Torres and Wrightson. I'm pretty sure it's going to be in comic size format and not a magazine, which is a big strike against it right off the bat.
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