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I have a couple TPB collections of Creepy (the best being Harris' "Creepy : The Classic Years") and 5 of the "EC Archives" HC coffee table books, and they were all well worth the price (I actually picked up my EC Archives from a local comic book shop a few years back for 35 bucks a piece).

That said, I also have Marvel's recent "Zombie" and both volumes of DC's "House of Mystery" "phone book" style TPBs, and, honestly, the cheap print quality is a big problem.

Sadly, they're probably the best we'll ever get because, seriously, the demand for them isn't there. EC comics are a part of history, and had a successful TV show and feature films, so they get the "full quality" treatment. 2nd gen books like Creepy, Eerie, House of Mystery, etc., are a bit more under the radar, and therefore only get budget releases.
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