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Originally Posted by chrismac87 View Post
Well apparently JEF Films is long out of business, the owner reportedly died in a fire a year ago and Televista just acquired some of their films.

As I said, according to the distributor, the DVD will be in widescreen - NOT full, so hopefully this is an honest to goodness remastered widescreen print. I don't even care about special features, just as long as it's not a port of the Monsters HD print - with logos and all - or a video version cropped into widescreen.
Good to hear..(not about the owner's death,but..y'know.) Seeing this in widescreen would be quite a revelation.You don't care about special features? LOL All these years,I've been waiting to hear from Roxanna Augesen(who now works as an attorney under the name Roxanna Manuel,I think) what her motivation was for the "serving zombies dog food under the claim of a recipe that's been in her family for generations" scene.

*Update:Just found this (she looks the same!):

And this:
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