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I normally don't support bootlegs. In fact, even if something is of lesser quality or something's different about it with an official release, I still will buy the official release even if I own the bootleg.

Case and point, for the better part of about 7 years I had a boot of PHANTASM III from the UK and when the US version came out, I bought it. PHANTASM II, have a bootleg, with a ton of special features, when the US version comes out - I'll buy that.

If this does in fact turn out to be a full screen version cropped into widescreen or a direct copy of the Monsters HD print - I won't be purchasing this.

However, if it is, a fully remastered widescreen print that somehow, someway got into this company's hands - I'm not going to sit around and wait for a huge company like MGM who as I said claims they own no rights to this title.

I've searched, and searched, but other than the Monsters HD print there is NO registered copy right with them or proof that they even own the title. So if they do in fact own it, it does not seem like it will be out for quite some time if at all.

If however a legit release comes out through them after or before this one, I'll will be sure to buy it regardless.

I'm not buying films to support companies unfortunately, that's not a job or something I really owe to anyone nor does anyone else. If a company puts out a title I'm interested in or know of, I buy it.

I've never once based my decision on buying a film based on the company that puts it out because really I'm buying the product to get the film I want, not endorsing the company. Sure supporting these companies helps more films come out but really, does that mean I have to buy every release they ever put out for that reason and that reason only?

I mean is EVERY Anchor Bay catalogue title worth owning simply because Anchor Bay put it out? Okay yes, they have a ton of great films they've released but there's some crap too - not to mention their direct to DVD films that really aren't all that appetizing - so does that mean I have to spend the money I work for to support them or whoever else just so they can keep their jobs or keep putting films out?

It's as simple as this; I'm a consumer and horror fan. I see both sides of the story. I see the fan side and the business side of things in the genre but also as a consumer I want for things and when they are made available - I don't hesitate to buy them based on the company.

A prime example would be Lionsgate - they have done a shitastic job on putting their catalogue titles on DVD, most of the time they're not even film transfers but glorified laserdisc or video transfers which is really what has already been out there for years and years on the bootleg circuits so why should people spend their money on getting the same thing they've already had just with prettier, in some cases not, artwork and a professionally pressed disc? What makes that any different from this? What because they own the rights to the title?

The filmmakers behind these films don't make any money, the studio does most of the time. Very rarely do the actors or the people involved in these films ever see a red cent from the DVD or video sales, most of the time they got their paycheck and that was that. Half these films no one knew what they would become or even if they'd be around in 10 years let alone 20 so no one probably ever thought of it.

At the risk of sounding like the "bad guy" here, I simply don't care if it's a bootleg or not. As long as it's a widescreen print, that isn't taken from a VHS source or is sourced from the Monsters HD print, I'm satisfied until something better or more official comes along. I'm not going to cross my arms and wait for MGM to get off their ass and put this out if they even do.

I mean they owned THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD since it went out of print in the 90s and it took several online petitions and hundreds upon hundreds of emails before they released it and even then it wasn't what the fans really wanted. It wasn't until Fox joined up with them that they put out the special edition that it deserved in the first place but if it took that much effort to get it out to begin with, a film that has a huge fanbase and was financially successful, does anyone honestly think THE VIDEO DEAD has a chance?

And I'd just like to point out that at one point I asked the owner of Code Red to help me find out if MGM did in fact own the rights to the film and he replied back with this message:

"you want to track down who owns the rights to VIDEO DEAD. why? are you a dvd company? what would you do once you find the rights owner? ask him to release it or you'll release it? You shouldn't call Fox or MGM for they will just view you as a guy requesting the film, They have tons of other things to do since MGM is under staffed right now and Fox got bigger new films to worry about.

I had two video stores when VIDEO DEAD first came out, the video didn't rent, it also didn't sell for Embassy Video for I remember on willcall there was very little copies sitting for video stores to pick up. In fact, the sales was so bad they lower the price of the tape to $54.99 (wholesale) to $14.25 (wholesale) in 6 month. Lowering "B" movies 6 month was very uncommon for labels that quick back then. I don't think this is in any major studio's top 100 list of title to release. It was just a cheap filler on the vhs rental rack. It'll sell no diffrent than BOARDINGHOUSE which bomb badly and judging by another messageboard most fans netflixed.

Just buy the overseas bootleg like everyone else or tape it off cable. . These dvd do not sell enough for major studios to care. It's basically food for netflix (who only buys 60 copies for 50 states). I hate to say this, but little by little all of us are going to be gone as more and more horror fans stop collecting dvds. I noticed when netflix's mail system was down, one cult messageboard wents nuts. Very few buydvds anymore."

Now I find this the most amusing line of the whole email; "Just buy the overseas bootleg like everyone else or tape it off cable"

How exactly can someone say something like that then say it's a "spit in the face" to other companies who release films like this? It doesn't matter where it's bootlegged from, if it's a bootleg, it's still giving someone else money that isn't supposed to be getting it so what's the difference if I buy the German DVD - which is in German only - or this US release that is possibly going to be the only release we'll ever see?

Sorry, but I'm not sitting around waiting for someone at MGM to get off their ass and put this out. I'll be buying this on release day for sure.
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